Kyle Busch 2023 Lionel Racing #8 Cheddar’s NASCAR Salutes ELITE Chevy 1/24

Celebrate Kyle Busch’s 2023 season with this limited edition 1/24 scale NEXT GEN ELITE Chevy Camaro diecast car by Lionel Racing. Featuring an all-metal body, detailed components, and authentic design, it’s a collector’s dream!


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Immerse yourself in the high-octane world of NASCAR with the exclusive Kyle Busch 2023 Lionel Racing 1/24 Scale #8 Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen NASCAR Salutes NEXT GEN ELITE Chevy Camaro Diecast Car. This meticulously crafted collector’s item is a tribute to the legendary Kyle Busch and his 2023 racing season. Limited to just 187 pieces worldwide, this top-of-the-line diecast model epitomizes the spirit of racing and precision engineering.


Product Features

  • 100% Diecast Metal Body and Chassis: Experience an unparalleled level of detail and durability with this fully metal diecast model.
  • Manufacturer-Specific Body: Authenticity at its finest with a body design that mirrors the actual Chevy Camaro raced by Kyle Busch.
  • Functional Components: Includes opening hood, trunk, and roof flaps for a closer look at the intricate internal details.
  • Poseable Wheels: Adds a dynamic element to the display, although not linked to the steering mechanism.
  • Upgraded Engine Detail: A true-to-life engine replica that will impress even the most discerning collectors.
  • Interior Trunk Detail: Discover the meticulous craftsmanship of the trunk’s interior for a complete visual experience.
  • Fabric Window Net & Driver Side Mirror: These small yet significant details add a touch of realism to the model.
  • Painted Antennas: Carefully painted to match the high standards of the rest of the model.
  • Fully Decorated: Adorned with the iconic Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and other sponsor logos, true to Kyle Busch’s 2023 race car.
  • DIN Visible Through Rear Window: A unique identification number for collector’s value, visible for easy reference.
  • Exclusive Packaging: Comes in a specially branded RCCA ELITE box, perfect for display or safekeeping.
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