Kyle Busch 2023 Lionel Racing #8 3CHI Gateway Raced Win ELITE Camaro 1/24

Own a piece of racing history with the Kyle Busch 2023 Lionel Racing Chevy Camaro Diecast Car. Featuring detailed craftsmanship, opening parts, and limited edition collectibility, it’s a tribute to a memorable victory.


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Introducing the highly sought-after Kyle Busch 2023 Lionel Racing 1/24 #8 3CHI Gateway Raced Win NEXT GEN ELITE Chevy Camaro Diecast Car, a pinnacle of diecast engineering and design.

Limited to just 537 units, this collector’s item boasts unparalleled detail and craftsmanship, reflecting the iconic victory at the Gateway race. Every aspect of the Chevy Camaro has been meticulously replicated, from the manufacturer-specific body to the intricate engine and interior details, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Product Features

  • 100% Diecast Metal Body and Chassis: Ensures durability and a realistic feel.
  • Manufacturer-Specific Body: Accurately reflects the unique contours and features of the Chevy Camaro.
  • Opening Hood, Trunk, and Roof Flaps: Offers an immersive experience, revealing upgraded engine details and interior trunk design.
  • Poseable Wheels: Adds a dynamic touch to the display, though not linked to the steering mechanism.
  • Fabric Window Net and Driver Side Mirror: Enhances realism with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Painted Antennas and Fully Decorated: Showcases the car’s racing aesthetics and Kyle Busch’s iconic branding.
  • DIN Visible Through Rear Window: Provides authenticity, making each piece uniquely identifiable.
  • Packaged in RCCA ELITE-Branded Box: Ensures safe delivery and presents an impressive unboxing experience.
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