Kevin Harvick 2023 Lionel #4 #Break4Busch Dirt NEXT GEN ELITE Ford Mustang 1/24

Own a piece of racing history with the limited edition Kevin Harvick 2023 #4 Break4Busch Ford Mustang diecast car. With only 184 made, this 1/24 scale NEXT GEN ELITE model is a must-have for collectors.


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Discover the pinnacle of diecast craftsmanship with our Kevin Harvick 2023 Lionel Racing #4 Break4Busch NEXT GEN ELITE Ford Mustang Diecast Car. This 1/24 scale model, a mere 184 in existence, represents the zenith of collectible precision and design. Every aspect, from the 100% diecast metal body and chassis to the manufacturer-specific body, is meticulously crafted to mirror the iconic #4 Ford Mustang. Revel in features like the opening hood, trunk, and roof flaps, poseable wheels, and upgraded engine detail. The interior trunk detail and fabric window net add layers of authenticity, while the painted antennas and fully decorated exterior showcase unparalleled attention to detail. Each car comes with a DIN visible through the rear window and is housed in an exclusive RCCA ELITE-branded box, elevating its status as a collector’s treasure.


Product Features

  • Limited Edition: Only 184 units produced
  • Authentic 1/24 Scale Replica of Kevin Harvick’s #4 Ford Mustang
  • Detailed Diecast Metal Body and Chassis
  • Manufacturer-Specific Body Design
  • Opening Hood, Trunk, and Roof Flaps
  • Poseable Wheels (independent of steering mechanism)
  • Enhanced Engine and Interior Trunk Detail
  • Realistic Fabric Window Net and Driver Side Mirror
  • Intricately Painted Antennas and Full Decoration
  • Unique DIN Number for Collectibility
  • Exquisite RCCA ELITE Packaging
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