Brad Keselowski 2023 Lionel #6 Solomon Plumbing Camo Ford 1/24

Own a piece of NASCAR history with the limited edition Brad Keselowski 2023 Lionel Racing Ford Mustang diecast car, featuring a unique camouflage design and detailed craftsmanship. Perfect for collectors and racing fans. Limited to just 576 pieces.


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Dive into the exciting world of NASCAR with the Brad Keselowski 2023 Lionel Racing 1/24 #6 Solomon Plumbing Camouflage (Foil Number) NEXT GEN Ford Mustang Diecast Car, an exclusive offering. This limited edition masterpiece, with a production run of only 576 units, stands out as a must-have for racing enthusiasts and collectors.

It beautifully embodies the spirit of Keselowski’s #6 Ford Mustang, showcasing a unique camouflage design and a striking foil number. This feature makes it an exceptional addition to any collection. Moreover, its craftsmanship captures the essence of speed and competition, ensuring it shines in your display.


Product Features

  • Diecast Metal Body: Constructed with a durable diecast metal body for a realistic look and feel.
  • Plastic Chassis: Features a high-quality plastic chassis meticulously designed to match the manufacturer-specific body.
  • Authentic Openings: Includes an opening hood and roof flaps, adding a layer of authenticity and detail.
  • Poseable Wheels: This model has poseable wheels, offering dynamic display options (note: the wheels are not linked to the steering mechanism).
  • Detailed Engine: The engine is crafted precisely, showcasing intricate details that car enthusiasts will admire.
  • Fabric Window Net: Adds a touch of realism with a fabric window net, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • Painted Chassis Details: The chassis is beautifully painted, highlighting the car’s detailed undercarriage.
  • Fully Decorated: This model is fully decorated, capturing the iconic look of Keselowski’s race car.
  • DIN Visible Through Rear Window: Each car includes a unique Diecast Identification Number (DIN), visible through the rear window for authentication.
  • Decorated Window Box Packaging: Packaged in a beautifully decorated window box, perfect for display or gifting.
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