Hot Wheels 2024 ’57 Jeep FC 68/250 HW Hot Trucks 3/10

Get the limited edition Hot Wheels 2024 ’57 Jeep FC, number 68/250 from the HW Hot Trucks series, 3/10. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.


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The Hot Wheels 2024 ’57 Jeep FC is a collector’s dream. This limited edition model, numbered 68/250, is part of the HW Hot Trucks series and ranks 3 out of 10. Featuring authentic detailing and a classic design, it captures the essence of the iconic Jeep FC. Ideal for collectors and Hot Wheels enthusiasts, this model adds a touch of nostalgia to any collection. Don’t miss out on this exclusive piece.



  • Limited edition model: 68/250
  • Part of HW Hot Trucks series
  • Rank: 3/10
  • Authentic detailing
  • Classic Jeep FC design
  • Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts
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